iclub Coordinator


iclub Coordiator (first through sixth grade ministry)

Ivanrest Church in Grandville, Michigan is looking is for someone to join their staff and ministry as their iclub Coordinator. We are looking for someone who is passionate about growing God’s Kingdom in their hearts and minds of children in first through sixth grade through creative and loving means. The ideal candidate for this 15-hour a week position has good interpersonal skills, organizational skills and most importantly, a passion for God and for elementary age children.  Resumes with a cover letter may be sent to applications@ivanrestcrc.org until March 17, 2017.

Job Description

iclub Coordinator Job Description

Purpose: To help grow a knowledge of and love for Jesus in Children’s Ministry of Ivanrest Church and beyond through direct interaction with them and by empowering volunteers to serve them well.


  1. Must be a mature Christian who gives evidence of a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ and His church.
  2. Must possess a commitment to the vision of Ivanrest Church, have enthusiasm and excitement about the educational programs of Ivanrest and a passion for students.
  3. Should be an effective communicator with good interpersonal and organizational skills.
  4. Should have experience in some student ministries or an interest in the education field.
  5. Be flexible in work schedule.
  6. Be or become member of Ivanrest Church


  1. To coordinate Children’s Ministry team in the oversight, operation and enhancement of all areas of education in the church, focusing on Children’s Ministry (first through sixth grade).
  2. Cast and implement vision of Children’s Ministry with Director of Student Ministries.
  3. Direct and manage Children’s Ministries (first through sixth grade). ie. iclub, GEMS etc.
  4. Develop relationships with students in grades first through sixth and cultivate a healthy transition between elementary and middle school.
  5. Help coordinate and lead children’s outreach event(s) ( ex. Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Programs)
  6. Plan, review and order curriculum for first-sixth grade.
  7. Plan occasional activities for first-sixth grade students to build community.
  8. Recruit, lead, motivate and train volunteers to create support for Children’s Ministry.
  9. Offer a Declaration of Faith class for interested children and parents in cooperation with Senior Pastor.
  10. Develop effective communication with parents of children establishing and maintaining good flow of interaction.
  11. Coordinate Christmas programs with ikids Coordinator and Worship Director.
  12. Maintain a good working relationship with all staff and support staff. Communicate with them regularly through scheduled staff meetings.


  1. Shall be responsible to the Administrative Team with week to week supervision by the Director of Student Ministries and Senior Pastor.
  2. Will be reviewed annually by the Director of Student Ministries in partnership with the Human Resources Team.
  3. Shall attend and participate in monthly staff meetings.
  4. Shall establish and maintain office hours in relationship to job responsibilities.


  1. This is a 15 hours per week position.
  2. Position duties and performance will be reviewed annually by the Human Resources Team (sub-team of Administrative Team).
  3. Vacation Policy: Part time staff positions at Ivanrest CRC do not qualify for any medical benefits, paid vacations or paid time off. On occasion, part-time staff members need or desire “time off” for emergency or personal reasons, including vacations. In those cases, the following procedure is to be followed: Except for emergencies, inform your supervisor in advance of your plans for time off or if you need a significant change in scheduling. Include in your request your wish to make up the time off or take the time off as non-pay.
  4. Pay is calculated at an hourly rate and paid bi-monthly. Other appropriate expenses are reimbursed upon submitting an expense report to the church accountant along with supporting receipts.