If you come and explore the Ivanrest Church community, you will most-likely hear about and hopefully sense two very significant concepts: “God’s Kingdom” and “Active Discipleship.” We spent significant time exploring the Bible discerning what exactly we as the church are supposed to be about and came out with the overarching purpose of “Growing God’s Kingdom through Active Discipleship.”

We are excited to experience and celebrate the transforming Kingdom of God coming more and more in our world, our community and our lives bringing us true joy for today and hope for tomorrow. We are on the lookout for opportunities where God might use us to grow his kingdom wherever he has placed us. In order to be used by God to transform this world, we must first of all be transformed by him. We want to be true disciples of Jesus. We are on the lookout for opportunities where God invites us to grow more and more into his image in very practical, life-transforming ways.

The community and ministries of Ivanrest Church are built on those two profound and yet basic concepts. We admit right up front that this is a lifelong journey for us as a community and as individuals as we grow as disciples and see God’s kingdom growing in us and around us. We certainly haven’t perfected it, but if you are willing to join us in this journey, welcome!