Council met on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

  • Held a continuing discussion regarding staff and Christian Eduction.
  • The following motion was made“We ask Council Leadership Team to prepare a position paper affirming the following: As leaders of Ivanrest Church we highly value and support Christian Education and require our ordained staff to do the same in order to support Covenant as a key principle of the CRC and Ivanrest Church.”

The decision made by Council creates a position (guiding) statement that requires staff to support and value Christian Education without making a rule or policy mandating specific actions to demonstrate that support.  This decision is consistent with the historical approach of the CRC.

For those who are interested in understanding more about the depth of this conversation, we are sharing two documents which Council had for their conversation.

The first is a letter by Brent Kladder and his wife sharing their process of discernment concerning where to enroll their children and why.

The second is a document providing background information and outlining our value of Covenant in the CRC and Ivanrest Church. Our understanding of covenant has led and continues to lead our church to value Christian Education as a significant strategy to live out the promises we make at Baptism.