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It felt as if God was smiling on us the Saturday before Easter. The Easter Eggs were speckled across the church lawn and the balloons were dancing in the wind. The warmth of the sun was felt on our skin and in our hearts before we welcomed the community to our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Our congregation gathered together to make this event possible. They spent the evening before filling 9,000 eggs with candy and placed tickets in 2,000 eggs for this special event. The face painters and tattoo artists were ready to enhance kids’ skin with warmth and love. The coffee was warm and the donuts holes were setting out waiting to satisfy hungry mouths. As we DSC_1869prepare for this annual event our purpose is to provide a fun place where the community can hear about the gospel and be invited to spend Easter morning with us. The swarm of kids started to stand along the grass as our Senior Pastor and our Children’s Ministry Coordinator stood in the middle, getting the herds of kids ready to hunt. The music was playing and the anticipation was growing. As Pastor Tony counted down, Kelsy stopped him right before “GO” to make a funny joke. While the crowd laughed Tony set the kids loose to find their special eggs. After that first countdown the morning flew by with two more age groups searching for eggs while doing tDSC_1965he chicken dance for a little entertainment between hunts. After they collected their eggs, the children moved to the prize tables and registered for a gift basket. The sun glowed lively for that hour on Saturday morning and we all knew it. The love of Jesus was evident throughout the event and the gospel was shared.

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