Generosity Near & Far

Help us reach our $60,000* goal!

As Christians, we believe that God has generously lavished us with his grace. Out of gratitude for that incredible gift, then, we believe that we too are called to lavish others, both inside and outside the Church, with our own gifts of time, talents, and money. (You can learn more about what God says about generosity by watching/listening to our Generous Church sermon series.) 

This fall, the Ivanrest Church community is being challenged to raise $60,000 to be split between two projects: purchasing and rehabbing a modular home for Family Promise and building a well in Kenya with Kenya Hope. 

Let’s see how God might use us together to bless others as we have been blessed!

*Why are we asking for $60,000 when the total of the two projects is $55,000? Costs for these projects is fluid and we want to make sure we have enough to cover unforeseen expenses. Any additional funds collected that we don't need (or that go above the goal) will be evenly divided between the two ministries.


Most of us know Family Promise from our regular involvement as a host church. But did you know Family Promise also purchases modular homes and assists some of their guests in acquiring them? Given our long involvement with Family Promise, this was on of the ideas that quickly rose to the top. The cost of buying a modular home is around $20,000 with costs for rehab work around $5,000. Hence, we estimate the cost of this project around $25,000, and there might also be opportunities to donate time and labor in the rehab work too. Learn more about how Family Promise's Partner in Housing program is helping answer the affordable housing question plaguing many people today.


The other half of this project would be to build a well with Kenya Hope for a new Hope Center. Hope Centers are how Kenya Hope supports local communities in Kenya, helping provide lifestyle, educational, and evangelistic opportunities in remote parts of the country. A new well is often the first part of a Hope Center, and the cost is around $30,000. Learn more about how Kenya Hope is transforming lives in Kenya through the Gospel of Christ with a holistic approach to children, families and communities.

The summer and fall months are for picnics, family gatherings, tailgate parties and...lots of beverages in 10¢ deposit cans and bottles! Save your returnables this summer and fall, bring them to church, and support Family Promise housing and Kenya Hope!

Start gathering your coins and bills and get ready for a battle! Which segment of the congregation will emerge victorious? Earn points for your team and against others with coins and bills. The real winners? Family Promise housing and Kenya Hope! Get all the details here!

There is no such thing as useless information when it comes to an evening of trivia competition! Build your team of competitors, join us for a delicious Mexican dinner and put all that good knowledge to use as you compete for bragging rights at this fun community event. Registration HERE by September 25.

With the holidays coming, who couldn't use some pies in the freezer for the holiday gatherings and parties? Order delicious pies (apple, blueberry, cherry, rhubarb) from Russ' Restaurant in October, pick them up in November and be ready for last minute guests and family gatherings! Ordering information will be available late September.

Join us for an evening of fun and fellowship! Fill your stomach with warm, delicious soup and then enjoy the festivities of Fall booth, trunk-or-treat, activities, wouldn't be fall without it! Soup will be served starting at 5:30 PM and ending at 7:00 PM or when soup runs out...whichever comes first. Learn More

The smell of maple syrup and the thump of bags hitting the boards...start your Saturday off right with a pancake breakfast and then compete or cheer at the Bags Tournament. Who will reign as the bags champ? Team registration will begin October 1!

The ways we can be generous don't stop with these events and ideas! Be creative with your family and let us know what you are doing to be generous this fall by emailing And send pictures! We'd love to see them!

Some additional ideas to get you started...

  • Fulfilled your Refresh pledge? You've been generous within the walls of Ivanrest; take that same amount and donate it Generosity Giving!
  • We all pay utilities. Commit to giving a percentage of your monthly utility bills for 3 months.
  • Hold a garage sale or host a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to Generosity Giving.

How will YOU be generous?

Our hope is that together, we can respond to the generosity God has demonstrated to us with overwhelming generosity of our own. Whether you participate in one or more of the above opportunities, give directly to the project online or through giving envelopes (Generosity Giving), we are excited to see what God can do both in and through us with this project!