Current Serving Opportunities

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Many people volunteer their time and energies creating and supporting meaningful worship at Ivanrest. Whether you want to be behind the scenes or leading worship, serve every week or four times a year, we’d like to add you to our team.

Vocal Worship Team

Have you been given the talent for singing and the passion for leading worship? This team works diligently to be tools God uses to lead others who gather for worship. Contact Shari for more information. (High School ­ – Adult)

Instrumental Worship Team

From the grand piano to drums, guitars and everything in between…God loves all instruments when used to His glory! If you love playing an instrument for God’s pleasure and working with other instrumentalists, we have a place for you. Contact Shari for more information. (Middle School -­ Adult)

Technical Arts

We live in a high-­tech world that competes to attract our attention. We look to enhance people’s encounter with God using technology like sound and multi­media. Contact Shari for more information. (High School -­ Adult)

Adult Praise Choir

“Sing to him, sing praise to him…” Lifting voice in worship is one of the oldest forms of praise. If you love to sing, have fun and laugh, join this group of people that sing two – four times per year. Click here for a current calendar. (High school ­ -Adult)


Drama effectively expressed brings defenses down, connects people to a relevant message and provides humor that allows truth to be heard and received. Have dramatic gifts? We’d like to utilize them at Ivanrest! Contact Shari for more information.

Aesthetic/Decor Team

The worship experience is much more than just songs and spoken words. The visual arts have a way of drawing us into the very presence of God. Contact Shari to find out how to get involved in decorating and creating a visually appealing environment.

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