We’ve been preparing for a trip of a lifetime for many months. Our trip planning began with meeting with Dan Smith the Director of Paradise Bound Ministries. He came to share the vision and what the students and adults would be doing in Guatemala. This began to spark the excitement of students. I’ve seen that excitement grow since December. We met together as a large group to start getting to know each other and build team unity. The night consisted of team building and diving into scripture to find out that each member is unique and vital to the success of their team. When each team clearly knows the gifts of each member they will succeed and do amazing things together.

Our team met for a second time to worship together and grow our hearts closer to Christ in worship. We worshipped with Trinity ftL in Kalamazoo with other students from around the area. Students had a chance to center their hearts and listen for what God is speaking to them. We also met a third time to learn about the culture, history and ministry in Guatemala. Our minds raced as Larry Klein shared his experience of traveling and taught us to think different challenging our intentions and gave us profound thoughts to walk away with. Being a part of the culture doesn’t mean changing it but it means learning from it. Amber and Bill shared their experience traveling to Guatemala and gave us insight into the things we will be feeling and interacting with. Educating our group was an important piece before we traveled to Guatemala.

Our team will be traveling in less than a week. We are excited! We are serving with Paradise Bound in a couple different ways. We will be building homes for four families and helping administer a medical clinic. The homes are prayed over and the gospel is presented to each family when the house is finished. We won’t stop with just sharing the gospel after the homes are built. After the medical clinic we share with an entire village a movie that presents to gospel in a powerful way. We get to watch trained staff present the gospel to an entire village of adults and children. Our mission is to bring the gospel of Christ to the people in Guatemala. We can only pray that the Holy Spirit moves in their hearts and ours as well as we serve.

Thank you for your prayers as we travel to Guatemala June 25-July 2.

Justin Christensen

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