A last second buzzer-beater in the broom-ball finals. An incredibly talented band who led our group in powerful worship. An engaging and dynamic speaker bringing the Word with joy and enthusiasm. Students boldly standing before their peers to demonstrate their talents. Any of these amazing moments could easily be the defining moment of the weekend myself and five other leaders were able to share with a group of high school students. Yet none of these moments bear the same weight as one 30-minute period in the dwindling hours of the trip where all facades were stripped away and the weekend’s noise was drowned out by silence. Wordlessly and intimately, students had the chance to enter God’s presence through a series of prayer stations. Reading the Word, reflecting on deep and profound truths about themselves, the Lord, and creation, and engaging all of the senses, these high schoolers (and leaders) were engrossed in the love of God. It was an amazing sight to see and a beautiful way to wrap up an already memorable trip.

We are so grateful for this weekend and for the faithfulness of the amazing God we worship!

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