Our ​ikids ministry​ provides an exciting experience for infants, toddlers and preschoolers to learn about Jesus while you worship. We have taken great care to ensure the safety of your child and are able to notify you during the worship service if your child needs you.

Our ikids ministry is for children infants-Kindergarten and meets during the morning worship services (8:30 am and 11:00 am (September – May; 10:00 am (Memorial Day – Labor Day). Your children are welcome to join us in a loving and safe environment where they can learn more about the love of Jesus! Our classes are separated by ages:

  • ikids Nursery: children infant – age 2
  • ikids 2s to Young 3s: children age 2.5 – age 3
  • ikids Preschool: children age 3 (by 9/1 of current school year) – age 4
  • ikids Kindergarten: children in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten

Classes may be combined based on attendance and/or volunteer availability.


At Ivanrest Church each child will discover and apply these steps in their faith walk:

1. Know the Bible is true and what it says

2. Experience Jesus as Savior 

3. Show Jesus’ love to others by what we do 


What to expect

We’ll have fun learning about Jesus through our Bible story, memory verse, and other activities.  We’ll also do a craft together and get to know each other.  Don’t forget your offering!  We are collecting money to help Impact One Initiative build a library.

ikids Nursery: Ages infant to 2 years old

A nursery greeter will check your child in at our ikids nursery Check-­In desk area. You will sign in your child and he/she will be a given a name tag and bracelet with a number on it. The sign in sheet will be color coded for your child’s age (red-­infant, purple­toddler or blue­-2 years old)

Sign their name on the appropriate colored check-­in sheet, and your names along with what service you are attending (this helps us plan for how many volunteers we need). There will be a section to write the number on your bracelet and what number bin your diaper bag, or anything needed for the child during the service, is in. Should we need to contact you during the service, the number of your child’s bracelet will flash on the monitor in the sanctuary.

If you are new, the greeter can make up a name tag for you. If you would like to join ikids, let the greeter know so they can give you a welcome child card to fill out. Then a name-tag will be made for your child and put on the colored ribbons of your child’s class. They are to the right of the check ­ in desk. When the service is over, we ask that you take off the child’s name tag and put it in the baskets under the ribbons.

Parents are asked to pick up their children immediately following the worship service at the nursery Check­-In area. You will not be allowed to take the child unless you have the numbered bracelet, even if we know who you are.

Green, Yellow and Orange classes: Ages 3 to Kindergarten

Your child will be greeted at the door of their color coded classroom and given a nametag and a numbered bracelet. The teacher will present a sign ­ in sheet where you will write your child’s name, the number on the bracelet and what service they are attending ( this helps us plan for how many volunteers we need). Should we need to contact you during the service; the number of your child’s bracelet will flash on the monitor in the sanctuary. At the end of the service, hand the teacher the bracelet and they will check out your child. No child will be released to anyone without the appropriate bracelet, even if we know you. Please make sure the child’s name-tag is left with the teacher. Parents are asked to pick up their child immediately following the worship service.

What happens in ikids?

For 2 year olds through kindergarten, join us for fun as we learn about God’s word together through Worship songs, Bible stories with fun visuals, action rhymes, age appropriate memory work, and lesson remembering crafts! Your child will be lovingly led to the Savior by a teacher who will show them how special God made them. Your child can also learn to help others by participating in our yearly offering. This year’s offering goes to help Impact One Initiative build a library.

Who will be hanging out with my kid?

All the volunteers, age 16 and older, have all filled out a child protection form and have had a background check done on them. All of them have a passion and a heart for children. They give up of their time willingly in open arms and heart to welcome the children in the Name of Jesus Christ. They love to bring the truths of God to these little ones and help them meet the Father! They care not only about their physical safety and well­-being but also their eternal future and hope. They lovingly walk with your child and help them to discover and apply the age appropriate steps in their faith walk.