Did you see hearts on the walls back at the end of February? You weren’t just seeing things. Our iKids Orange and Yellow (ages 4-6) classes came together for a Super Sunday!

“Super Sundays.”


img_0854Once a month we hold “Super Sundays” to gather together as a big group to sing and hear Godly truths. We learned that God wants us to show His love to others.  A great way to do that is to love and pray for our church.  So the kids prayed by the sanctuary for everyone in our church, they prayed by the side door for everyone outside to come into church, they prayed by the West Wing for kids older than they were, and they prayed by the nursery for kids younger than they were.


…hearts on a wall


When they were done praying by a spot, they put a heart on the wall so you could see they were praying for our church.  You could see how much they loved the church.  Guess what?  They were praying for you!

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