March 27, 2016 – 8:30 & 11:00 AM
Easter Sunday

Video (Three Days Later)

Welcome (Shari Ilbrink)

Creation to the Cross
(Kirk Lepine, Paul Lanning)

Scripture (Sam Aupperlee): Matthew 28:1-10

*Time of Praise: Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Chris is Risen He is Risen Indeed, Hallelujah for the Cross

Offering: Church Ministries
Offertory (Choir): Christ is Risen Indeed

Video (Peter and John)

Bible Reading: John 21:1-19 (p.1053)
Message (Rev. Art Schoonveld): Christ Has Risen – Life Has Meaning
In Christ Alone

*Closing Song: Because He Lives (Amen)

*Please stand if you are able

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