We froze. We walked. We tubed. We tomahawked. We grew together. We worshipped our God, our Lord, our Savior.

The thought of spending a weekend in the cold, in a cabin, in the middle of winter, with a bunch of rambunctious middle school students might strike fear in the hearts of many, but without fail, these weekends bring nothing but joy. Joy in response to the particular brand of humor only middle schoolers can dish out. Joy in response to the games played and fun had. But most powerfully, joy in response to the God who showed up, who challenged our students, and whose love was fully on display.

I am continually in awe of this God and the way he works so powerfully in and through even the youngest among us. And I am continually in awe of the thoughtfulness, the maturity, and wisdom that can spill from the mouths of middle school students, whether in response to a question asked in small group time, or when predicated by, “Okay, I have a slightly unrelated question…”

We are so grateful for the chance to have had this time and experience at Cran Hill and are more than excited for how the growth achieved will be evidenced in the lives of our middle schoolers.

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