All of us have been sent on mission by God – our clear calling is to GO into the world around us with the hope and truth of Jesus Christ.  There is no doubt about that call.  But we have plenty of doubts and fears when it comes to actually responding to that call.  This month we are going to learn together from the Apostle Paul 4 heart attitudes that empowered him to not only hear his calling to GO but then to actually respond with a life that was lived on mission for God.  If our hearts learn to share these same attitudes, perhaps we too will choose to reshape our daily lives according to God’s call, and perhaps we will begin to experience the thrill of God’s kingdom growing through us in new and unique ways.



On Mission: Sacrifice

Tony Meyer
November 1, 2015

Philippians 3:1-14

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On Mission: Courage

Tony Meyer
November 15, 2015

Joshua 1:1-9

On Mission: Partnership

Tony Meyer
November 22, 2015

Acts 13:1-3; 15:36-41; 17:1-9