A Treasured Possession

Exodus 19:1-6

God’s way of doing things doesn’t always seem to make sense. For instance, why choose to administer his creation through fallible human beings? And once it went south (big surprise there), why choose to start his plan of salvation with Abram and Sarai? And then, why choose their descendents–the Israelites–to be the ones he’d expand that salvation through? After all, they were nothing but a small, powerless group of slaves when he called them them out of Egypt. And yet, that’s God’s way. He uses the small things of the world for his glory. He uses the neglected things of the world to bring about his grace. And he uses the ones no one expects to change the world. That’s how Israel came to be God’s treasured possession, his kingdom of priests, and the holy nation through whom he’d call all the other nations back to himself.