Happy Helping

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Psalm 28; Matthew 5:7

The recent corona virus has been a terrible experience for the whole world. The number of deaths, the people who have been forced to die all alone, the collapse of the economy. It has brought the worst upon us and sometimes the worst from us. But it has also brought out some of the best. Calls, visits, gifts, sacrifices, selflessness. We have seen it all. We may have experienced some of it, too. We may have offered it to and for others. We have been touched by terrible tragedy, and in it
and even because of it, we have also witnessed a resurgence of mercy. When the virus is vanquished – and we pray it will be – will the mercy remain? Eugene Peterson paraphrases this Beatitude this way: “You’re blessed when you care. At the moment of being ‘care-full,’ you will find yourselves cared for.”