Mark 16:1-8

Mark’s gospel ends on an odd note. That’s because after discovering an empty tomb and a mysterious young man who tells them that Jesus is risen, Mark tells us that some of Jesus’ female disciples (who had gone to embalm his body) flee from his grave in bewilderment and alarm. They’re so afraid that they say nothing to no one. And yet, this odd ending, in a strange way, invites us as Jesus’ disciples today into the story. It’s a cliffhanger, for sure, but it’s a cliffhanger with a purpose: We must now pick up the work. We must now continue the story. We must now spread the good news of the Gospel that Christ is risen all over the world.

The grave is empty. Our Savior is gone. Our sins are wiped away. And death is no more. That’s the true mystery and hope of Jesus, the mystery and hope of the resurrection, and the mystery and hope of Easter. It’s the incredible grace of our God: Christ is raised; our sins are forgiven; and the whole new world of God has begun. Happy Easter, my friends!