I Am the Bread of Life

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Isaiah 55:1-7, John 6:35-59

“. . . the church often seems to be a gathering of men and women who, whatever they find there, take so little of it out into the world with them that if one of them were to sit down at MacDonald’s and say grace, or say or do anything to suggest that he or she is a Christian, the golden arches would shake with astonishment – and so, I suspect, would we.”  But, if you think Rev. Frederick Buechner’s statement in a sermon he preached once is startling, then listen to this from a sermon Jesus preached once:  “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them . . . This is the bread that came down from heaven.”  (John 6:56, 58)  The statement “I am the bread of life” comes packed with meaning and implications that are either nonsense or the food of eternal life.  Pause for a few moments to consider this before coming to the table of our Lord.

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