Mark 3:1-6

On Wednesday we entered the season of the Church Year known as Lent. It’s often considered a dour, dreary season, not only because of the weather outside, but also because of the disciplines of fasting and repentance that go along with it. But Sundays in Lent are actually meant to be a break from our fasting and repentance, because they’re meant to be “mini-Easters,” a little taste of the goodness and joy that will come on Easter itself. This Lent we’ll explore those tastes of Easter goodness and joy by looking at how the new life of Easter points us ahead to the coming New Creation. Throughout the Gospel of Mark we see Jesus give us little hints of that coming New Creation, and today we’ll start with how his reframing of the Sabbath helps us experience the New Creation already now.

If you’re looking to go deeper into this sermon series or the season of Lent, check out Alexander Schmemann’s book Great Lent.