Sermons for All Seasons

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2 Timothy 2:1-13

If we were all together listening to what I am saying now, I would ask:  “What are we doing here?”  But since we are not here together, I will ask it this way:  “What are you listening to now?”  And your answer would doubtless be:  “The sermon.”  Today, listen to a sermon about sermons, a sermon about how to listen to sermons, a sermon about what to do with sermons.  Hear the preacher say:  “We need ministers who have found the Lord and who can find Moses.”  Then listen to a strange yet much admired man say that words should be used in preaching only when necessary.  And finally, listen to someone describe a country music star’s song as “the gospel for buzzards and codgers and cheats and scoundrels and prisoners and reprobates.”   Maybe then  we will truly let the “lion . . . out of the cage.”  That should always be what we are doing here.