Talking to God

Luke 11:1-4

Everyone has a rule or rhythm of life we live according to. We all have a routine, a set of habits, a way of going about our lives that we measure ourselves up against. It might not be something we regularly think about or examine, but it’s there, our default way of operating, determining how we live. For us as Christians, part of what we’re called to do is conform that rule of life (more and more) to a set of habits, practices, and routines that help us grow as disciples of our rabbi, Jesus. And one of the central habits, practices, and routines that helps us do that is the Christian spiritual discipline of prayer.

If you’re looking to go deeper into this sermon series or where we’re heading with the spiritual disciplines, check out John Mark Comer’s new book Practicing the Way. For the discipline of prayer specifically, I’d recommend Tyler Staton’s book Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools or Richard Foster’s timeless classic Prayer.