The Mind is the Mission

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Philippians 4:2-23

The Philippians profile, if you look closely,  may look startlingly like the one we can see in the mirror each morning  The persons we meet there may seem strangely familiar  But the problems Philippi faced were perhaps the things we most hold in common.  So we visit this place one more time.  And in an era where truth is what you want it to be we re-examine it.  At a time when reverence is for sissies we consider the world God’s temple.  When right is what you can get away with we take a second look.  While our license plates declare our state to be pure we go deeper.  When what is lovely is in a vase or hanging on a wall we try not only to see but to be the lovely.  As noise fills our ears and dulls our senses we live to make moments of silence in which to admire.  And then not only will the peace of God be with us but the God of peace will be as well.