To Grow in Holiness

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Ancient Greece, much like our world today, was a sports-crazed culture. At least, the city of Corinth was. And so, the Corinthians were familiar with the concept of training, drilling, and discipline. Athletes would subject their bodies to intense physical training to produce the results they wanted. Writing to the Corinthian Church, then, the Apostle Paul says the same thing is true of the spiritual life. We need to train and discipline ourselves, like an athlete, to live as holy people. As we continue our series on fasting, that’s what we’ll look at today: How the disciplines, including fasting, help us train to live as holy people.

If you’re looking to go deeper into this sermon series or where we’re heading with the spiritual disciplines, check out Lauren Winner’s book Mudhouse Sabbath. She writes well about all the disciplines, but she has a really excellent chapter on fasting. Richard Foster’s book The Celebration of Discipline has a helpful chapter on fasting as well.