To Infinity, and Beyond

Acts 1:1-11; 28:30-31

Stories never really end, do they. The truth is that there’s always more that could be told. Even when you come to the end of a book, a movie, a podcast (or any other kind of story) there’s always more to be said. That’s part of why we have so many sequels. Authors write another book in the series. Moviemakers keep the franchise going. TV shows secure another season. One way or another, the story goes on. And the same is true for the Church. The story of God’s people has never ended; it’s never taken a break; it has yet to reach its final chapter. That’s because God keeps writing it. He keeps working with his people. He keeps adding to his story of redemption, restoration, and renewal. And we’re the ones he uses to do it. That’s our mission. That’s our purpose. That’s our role as God’s people today–To continue the story, continue the work, and continue God’s faithfulness in his world until such a time as Christ comes again.