What’s in a Name?

Exodus 3

Moses has been born. He’s all grown up. But the story hasn’t gone the way it’s supposed to. Far from being the deliverer for the Israelites that Exodus 2 set him up to be, Moses is now instead eeking out an existence as a shepherd far from Egypt, far from his people. But after a mysterious encounter with a burning bush and the God who calls himself “I AM,” Moses is commissioned for the work of leading the Israelites from slavery to freedom. This will not be the last time God appears to shepherds in the wilderness with an announcement of peace, goodwill, and Good News.

If you’re looking to go deeper into our study of Exodus or experience of Lent, two of the books I’ve been reading in preparation for this series might be helpful: Leaving Egypt by Chuck DeGroat and Great Lent by Alexander Schmemann.