Student Ministry: Grades 9-12


Student Ministries at Ivanrest are designed to encourage students to encounter the living presence of Jesus. We utilize relationships between fellow students and adults to build a strong community at Ivanrest. This community is also built upon worship times together, strong Biblical teachings, and activities that promote growth. High school students will always have adults who care for them and desire to share God’s love with them. Ivanrest Student Ministries would not exist without these leaders who care deeply for each student who walks through our doors. We strive to enable each student to feel a sense of belonging and joy as they encounter God at Large Group and Home Group meetings throughout the year.

Ivanrest Youth: High School is committed to fostering safe and fun environments for students to grow in faith, stature, and wisdom. We strive to see each student commit their lives to Christ and place a strong value on Christ-centered relationships and creating strong inter-generational bonds that extend beyond the four years of our high school ministry. We partner with adults with a passion to see students grow in their faith, and train, equip, and place them in roles that are critical to fostering healthy relationships. Through meals, worship, biblical teaching, small group discussion and team building, games, retreats, service projects and missions work students will take ownership of their faith, develop deep, lasting relationships, and take steps to participate in God’s Kingdom.

High School Large Group: Meets at Ivanrest Church’s West Wing the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 6:00-8:00pm. During a typical Large Group all of our high school students come together to share a meal, worship together, hear relevant biblical teaching, go deeper with their small groups, and participate in a variety of fun games/activities.

High School Home Groups: Meet in leader homes on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. Home Groups are designed for small groups (divided by grade) to go deeper and draw closer in relationships with peers, leaders, and the Lord. Home Groups provide settings for small groups to have more intimate discussions, build relationships through games and activities, and serve alongside of each other.

Mission Trips: As followers of Christ we are called to join God on his mission in this world.  While this Kingdom work happens everyday, Ivanrest Student Ministries also embraces God’s call to his mission outside of our immediate context through annual summer mission trips. These trips generally follow a rotating pattern of local, domestic, and international trips every three years, allowing students to serve in and appreciate the beauty of various contexts. 

Retreats: With powerful times of worship, messages, and small group discussions, as well as fun activities ranging from archery tag and broomball to snow tubing, weekend retreats provide an opportunity for students and leaders to be immersed in an environment in which faith and relationships are powerfully deepened.

For more information about Student Ministries (grades 9-12), contact Nate Rusticus.