On November 20, 2015, the Weston Apartments in downtown Grand Rapids made Ivanrest aware of an emergency need. A family of three (mom, six-year old son and one-year old daughter) lost their apartment due to an electrical fire which destroyed almost all of their belongings.  In response to this need, the Ivanrest Community quickly collected donations of household items to help this family get back on their feet after this fire. Within one week there were donations ranging from personal care items, clothing, kitchen supplies, bedding, and even a crib.

We were able to take the donations to the family on December 3. We met Sierra, the mom, who expressed deep gratitude for the donations. She even said she recognized us from the Bingo Nights at Weston. We were excited to be able to connect with Sierra and hear some of her story. Sierra now has less to worry about as she prepares to move back into her apartment when it is finished being repaired.

We thank God for the generosity of the Ivanrest Community!


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