Coin Wars


Your "typical" seating location in the Worship Center will determine which team you are on. For those who sit (when facing the stage) in the...

  • left outside section, you are The Northsiders.
  • middle left section, you are The Canons of Dordt.
  • middle right section, you are The Heidelberg Cats.
  • right outside section, you are The Southsiders.

Your job is to fill YOUR team bottle with coins and bills to EARN points (see money values below) but watch out for those $1 bills/coins since they count as NEGATIVE points! Bomb other team bottles with $1 bills/coins to SUBTRACT points from their total. Also, don't miss some clever ways to earn EXTRA POINTS below.

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT give points for any bills or checks that are NOT rolled/folded and bound by a paperclip or rubberband. Otherwise, they are very difficult to get out of the bottle. Thanks for helping with this!


  • PENNY = 1 point
  • NICKEL = 5 points
  • DIME = 10 points
  • QUARTER = 25 points
  • $1 BILL/COIN = NEGATIVE 100 points
  • $5 BILL = 500 points
  • $10 bill = 1,000 points
  • $20 bill = 2,000 points
  • Bills & Checks NOT rolled = NO POINTS GIVEN
  • The Sneak Attack (CHECKS made out to Ivanrest Church) = DOLLAR VALUE x 150 points

Join us for this friendly war benefitting Family Promise Partners in Housing and Kenya Hope!

The bottles will be in the narthex September 1-30. Start gathering your coins and bills and get ready for a battle!