Dine with Nine

Eating is more than an individual, biological act. Human beings are made to eat together, sharing their table with family and friends. Jose A. Pergola, The Way Opened Up by Jesus

Ivanrest Church is excited to start Dine with Nine. Dine with Nine is an invitation to come together as a church family to share a meal, meet new people, and for fellowship.

WHAT: Dine with Nine is an informal gathering with around nine people. Groups will include some couples, singles, newer attenders, and lifelong members.

HOW: You can have a picnic at the park, grill at someone's home, host a potluck, pick a favorite restaurant to eat at, or any other fun way to dine with each other. Each person is expected to contribute to the meals over the 3 months together.

WHEN: For 3 months, you will gather to eat one meal per month together. Each group will determine when and how dinner will take place.

COMMITMENT: After 3 months, these groups will end and new groups will be formed. Each Dine with Nine session will require you to register again. We encourage you to continue connecting with your previous groups, but we see value in connecting with others from within our community.


  1. Register to join a group using THIS FORM. For the January - March 2023 groups, registrations are due by December 18.
  2. A staff coordinator will divide participants into groups of around 9.
  3. The staff coordinator will select an initial host for each group; this host will help facilitate how the first meal will take place.
  4. The initial host will call or email to set up the first meal. Groups should rotate hosts and locations each month.